Til We Really Go Paperless

Going paperless is our collective dream, right? Yet despite our best efforts, the paper still manages to flow, pool and sometimes stagnate on our desks. Until we really tame the paper tiger, here are a few of our favorite items that will keep your paper organized, and keep your office looking good.

CB2 Desktop Bill Holder: For projects you are working on right now…display them proudly in this not-your-Staples-variety rose gold bill holder.


Anthropologie Leather Magazine Holder: For keeping up with the Kardashians and other important reading material, this design-forward leather magazine holder corrals your need-to-reads in one attractive place.


Poppin Gold Folio: Sort your VIPs (very important papers) into these luxurious folios and you won’t need to hide them away in a drawer.

Poppin Gold

Kate Spade Expletive Paper Clips: When you just can’t decide what to do with this $#!+, these elegant-yet-honest paperclips will keep that #*€%ing paperwork under control.

KS Expletives 2

Don’t forget the Circular File…for all that paper you’ll be getting rid of. The fastest way to reduce the pile up is to make regular and aggressive use of this simple yet smart device. Add a note to your to-do list so you can toss the piece of paper. And always ask yourself whether the paper you’re saving is available online. It probably is.