A Museum in Your Pocket

Children are prolific artists.  But most homes do not have the storage capacity of the Louvre.  You’re already covered in glitter after handling their latest creation – what is the best way to capture this moment for years to come?

Enter three apps that store the masterpieces as photographs, making it unnecessary for you to save every single unicorn drawing.  You photograph your child’s artwork right from your phone.  You then can decide which hard-copy originals to keep (the holiday-themed ones or artistic milestones?).  Digital storage of the rest ensures you do not have to add a museum-sized basement to your house.  Here’s how they measure up:

Keepy:  Keepy doesn’t just store artwork, but photos and videos as well. It’s a virtual scrapbook of your child’s accomplishments. At $6 a month, or $30 a year, it even syncs with Dropbox.

ArtKive:  ArtKive works like Keepy, but they also have a concierge gift service which will photograph and arrange for you (at cost), showcasing your child’s artistic career in a lovely coffee-table book.

Canvsly:  Canvsly stores only your child’s artwork, but you can share it easily with family members through the app’s social settings, so that Grandma and Aunt Jane can enjoy the macaroni sculptures as well.

Fear not, parents!  With an artistic city right outside your door, and your child’s artistic development neatly stored in the cloud, you can use that extra closet space as a wine cellar.  For your child’s gallery opening, of course.