Because We all Want to be James Bond

MI6 isn’t the only place where you can find transforming furniture and multi-purpose gadgets.  Small spaces and organized living champion double-duty items as chic AND smart!  With furniture like this, James Bond would be jealous.


No place to store your extra linens, Moneypenny?  This sleek number from Z Gallerie will hide them in plain sight.  Is it a side table?  Extra seating?  You decide.


Here’s a piece Bond would definitely have in his home.  By day, it’s a console table, for your keys and your mail.  By night, it’s the centerpiece of a fabulous dinner party.


And lastly, where do you think Blofeld hid his cat’s litter box?  Make your bathroom worthy of a Bond villain.



While we’re not necessarily advocating you redecorate like a spy in the 1960’s, double-duty furniture will at least save you some space.  Which means extra space for martini glasses.  Shaken, not stirred.